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What does it mean? The speaker is a child. «ちっちゅーちゃしないってば??»

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ShinM profile picture ShinMNovember 2020
It possibly means “I am NOT having an injection (Chuusya shinai)”.
  • nihonjin profile picture nihonjinJune 2021
    Ah, I didn’t realize that ”ちゅーちゃ” means ” an injection). Now I agree with ShinM-san and lalalalatte-san. I can picture a crying girl or boy in their mother’s arms, screaming, with tears, ”(I don’t like injections. I don’t want it at all. I am not taking it. ) I am not having it. (I’m telling you I am not having/taking it) (「(注射きらい。注射いらない。注射しない。)注射しないってば。(注射しないって言ってるでしょ。)

    I think the use of ”...ってば” shows the child speaker’s strong will.