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Hello, somebody who teach Iranian? we can exchange languages, Spanish is my native language.

I wanna to learn Iranian, so I'm looking for someone who teach it, is it possible? We can exchange as language as culture, I'm Argentinean and my native language is Spanish.


Regards and thanks.

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Mrnmvr profile picture MrnmvrJuly 2018
Hello(salaam) ????????
sepehrrasekhi profile picture sepehrrasekhiNovember 2019
I can help you :-)
1552lili profile picture 1552liliJuly 2019

i like help u

1552lili profile picture 1552liliJuly 2019

i need some help to improwe my english hanguage. tanks       

qazallprmd profile picture qazallprmdJune 2019
hi.i cann help you.i"m iranian..
yasna_aa profile picture yasna_aaJune 2019
i can learn you my friend
Fridoon profile picture FridoonMarch 2019
Why do you want to learn Farsi?