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Hello, somebody who teach Iranian? we can exchange languages, Spanish is my native language.

I wanna to learn Iranian, so I'm looking for someone who teach it, is it possible? We can exchange as language as culture, I'm Argentinean and my native language is Spanish.


Regards and thanks.


Mrnmvr profile picture MrnmvrJuly 2018
Hello(salaam) ????????
Hanansjs profile picture Hanansjs4 days ago
Hello Ican teach you Iranian
Samaneh4 profile picture Samaneh4December 2020
Hello.there are a lot of Iranians who would like to help you,so do not worry.
heliaL profile picture heliaLOctober 2020
hello i can im native
Zahra_2020 profile picture Zahra_2020September 2020
You do a great job. Persian language is really attractive
Shervineh43 profile picture Shervineh43September 2020
I, m shirin, I, m from Iran. I would like Learn english and teach persian.
Senobar profile picture SenobarJuly 2020
I am