another useful phrase

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MatheusLara profile picture MatheusLaraNovember 2019
Thanks!! Dhanyavaad!
binystudent profile picture binystudentAugust 2009

  I need a hindi teacher

Pascale19 profile picture Pascale19June 2009

ye bahut achcha .....thanks for lesson ....Pascale

zaeto profile picture zaetoNovember 2008
Great lesson! Thank you very much :)
Otoman-yeniceri profile picture Otoman-yeniceriJune 2008

el mini curso es muy pequeño pero muy muy util mas para los que estamos comenzando a aprender

sigue poniendo mas videos ya sabes que aqui son muy bien recibidos y nos da gusto que alguien se preocupe porque otros aprendamos hindi

Oksana_from_Russia profile picture Oksana_from_RussiaApril 2008

Very good lesson.. thanks..Useful and good done.  bahut achche  .......I found 4th lesson in intenet and went though it, and do not now how to find 1st, 2d and 3d lessons..where to get it from? It is nice for my level, in am just at the begining