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Hello, is it a difference between मैं भूखा हूँ and मैं भूख में हूँ

May I use them both in the same way? Thanks a lot in advance :)

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AjayKumar profile picture AjayKumar   
मैं भूखा हूँ means I am hungry.
मैं भूख में हूँ also means I am hungry, but it will denote the period of time also for which a person is hungry, like 2 days at a place. So both meaning are almost similar, but if you want to say that I am hungry at present then मैं भूखा हूँ, and if you are hungry for say 2 days at a place, then मैं भूख में हूँ is more appropriate.
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erumzerum profile picture erumzerum   

I have never heard in my life someone saying "मैं भूख में हूँ" Because it is wrong and it sounds so weird, Yes there are sentences like "मैं मुश्किल में हूँ, I am in trouble" "मैं नशे में हूँ, I am Intoxicated" “मैं सफ़र में हूँ, I am Travelling”  Etc, but there is no such thing as “मैं भूख में हूँ” So “ मैं भूखा हूँ” is correct way to say I am Hungry. 

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virendraraval profile picture virendraraval   
मैं भूखा हूँ means - I am hungry
मैं भूख में हूँ means - hunger is some box and like " i am in hunger"
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