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What is the difference between Du isst and ihr esst?
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sorry I made a misstake
not they are eating
right is you are eating

I am eating = ich esse
you are eating = du isst
he ist eating = er isst
we are eating = wir essen
you are eating = ihr esst
they are eating = sie essen
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in german we have one word for second person singular and one word for second person plural (in english you just have the "you"
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"Du isst" is when you speak to one person (who is eating)"Ihr esst" when you speak to more than two persons (who are eating).
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"Du isst" ist die Einzahl, also nur eine Person, die isst. "Ihr esst" ist die Mehrzahl und sagt, dass viele Personen essen.
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du isst = you are eating
ihr esst = they are eating
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