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🙏 How do you say "Please" in German?


Duc_ profile picture Duc_6 days ago
- As part of a demand like ”What’s the time, please?” the equivalent in German is ”bitte”, thus the closest translation is: ”Wieviel Uhr ist es, bitte?”, likewise ”Wie spät ist es bitte?”, where ”spät” doesn’t mean verbally ”late” or ”too late”.
For other reasons and other situations also the forms ”bittesehr” (presenting an article to a customer e.g.) or ”bitteschön” can be used as more humble or polite and may be replied with
”dankesehr” or ”dankeschön”.
  • vincent profile picture vincent6 days ago
    thanks! and for all your contributions, I add +1000 points on your profile. keep it up Duc