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Warum jede und beliebig zusammen?

Warum jede und beliebig zusammen?

»Die schöne junge Frau, die er vor einigen Jahren kennengelernt hatte, war nicht mehr wiederzuerkennen, hätte leicht jede beliebige zusammengeschlagene und mißhandelte Frau sein können, die er im Laufe seiner Arbeit bei der Polizei gesehen hatte.«

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Your headline asks about "...jede und beliebig" together while the phrase goes "...jede beliebige..." Thus it remains open to which peculiarity of german grammar you are referring to.

The suffix '-e' in 'jede' and 'beliebige' indicates that both adjectives independently belong to 'Frau'. If the victim were male they would read as "...hätte jeder beliebige...".

The flection of 'jeder/jede/jedes' deviates from 'beliebiger/beliebige/beliebiges' as the latter requires another adjectiv or at least an indefinite article as distinction between its usage as an adverb or adjectiv: 'Ein beliebiger Mann/eine beliebige Frau/ein beliebiges Kind' but 'jeder beliebige Mann/jede beliebige Frau/jedes beliebige Kind".

However, instead of referring to complicated regulations it's easier by daily usage of this language to get accommodated to it in spite of the fact that it's often obfuscated by a sloppy habitude or other phenomena.