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Hello there!I'm offering my help in Spanish, English and Russian. I need someone to practice my German with, as I'm moving to Germany next year. Hope to hear from you soon!
Donner des réponses.
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Cynthia06031 profile picture Cynthia06031   
ich würde ihnen gerne helfen.
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portartem profile picture portartem   
Ihres Angebot ist sehr interessant. Ich lerne auch Deutsch und suche Partner oder Partnerin für Kommunikation oder Briefwechsel. Ich denke, daß wir miteinander helfen können.
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ALICIA-S profile picture ALICIA-S   
Hey I'm from Germany and learning English. I need some more practice in English so we could wirte?
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DafromAustriamozart profile picture DafromAustriamozart   
hy ,

yes that sounds good,

i am beginner in spanish but i think i learn pretty well , and of course my motherlanguage is german,

How are your current german skills?

hope to hear from you

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