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My dictionary translates five French verbs (requérir, réclamer, exiger, demander and revendiquer) with "vaatia" in Finnish. Could anyone please illustrate the differences between them?
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Nathouchou profile picture NathouchouDecember 2012
Revendiquer would be more likely to be used when talking about demonstrations or meetings between political parties, kind of. If you 'revendique', you are claming for something but not sure whether you are gonna get what you're asking for. Don't know if it was helpful but I did my best ^^ for the others, Clairoudoudou was right. I'dd add a slight difference for exiger, which means that you ask for something and expect the one you ask to do this thing to to do it immediately. Sorry for the blabla ^^ but basically, I'd say it's the right definition
Clairoudoudou profile picture ClairoudoudouDecember 2012
It's complicate to explain the difference, so I hope you'll understand ...

Requérir it's ask politely to someone for who you have respect.
Réclamer it's implore, ask insistently.
Exiger it's when someone have some duties for you and you ask him to do it.
Demander it's just ask.
Revendiquer it's almost like réclamer, there is a little (very little) difference but I don't know how to explain that ...