English Accents

AFEGEIX-HI UN NOU VÍDEO!60% va dir "BÉ" (52 votes)
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Heli99999 profile picture Heli99999April 2019
You're very funny, I luv it
Hikolaiols profile picture HikolaiolsJanuary 2019
Really a great piece of performance ????Us is perfect as well as the rest
outroelison profile picture outroelisonFebruary 2015
On youtube:
1) "Uneducated" British
2) "Educated" British
3) Brash US
4) Indian
5) Gay US
6) Dutch
7) French
9) Disdainful French (silence)
Nadzeja profile picture NadzejaJanuary 2011

  I'll repeat: THE GREAT VIDEO!

I also would like to see the Russian :)


filit1 profile picture filit1December 2010

What a great performance! I had so much fun watching it! I really liked all the impressions (espaecially the french one, as i'm french )

ventri profile picture ventriDecember 2010

Great video!

Question: from which country is the first accent?


Aminita profile picture AminitaNovember 2010

The guy is a geniuos! I really enjoyed watching the video although till the the very end of was waiting to see a Russian as well!

Where are the Russians?!!