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Hearing aids good or not to hear the language, to talk with friends for language trainers.


Adongsky profile picture AdongskySidste måned
I know several people who use hearing aids because of their medical condition with regards to the function of their ears. For them, using these helps them to learn more the language they study especially the proper pronounciation of words.
exRanger profile picture exRangerSidste måned
If a person is hearing impaired, one would suppose that the use of a hearing aid is essential.

If your question is asking whether (or not) a hearing aid will improve the ability of a person who se hearing is unimpaired, then I would suppose the anser is no, use of hearing aid will not improve language learning outcomes.
cgonzalezesq profile picture cgonzalezesq2 uger siden
if you have a disability hearing aids would be good. If you are speaking of using a hearing aid just to be able to hear more then I would advise you to more approrpriatey focus on recorded material and simply change the speed. YouTube allows you to listen to material as slow as 50% of the natural speed or as fast as 200% of the normal speed. netflix lets you do the same.