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How to make us dare to speak the language with foreign friends


AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgBulan lepas
Yes, just speak - and don’t worry!

If they are your real friends, they will respect your efforts to try to speak.

If they are not real friends, ask them to speak Thai with you (since they are real language experts

If they are Thai people, then I’m quite sure that if they have not lived in a native speaking country all their lives, then their English is probably not ”perfect” either
Rattanaporn profile picture RattanapornBulan lepas
Good idea.
LeonardE-A profile picture LeonardE-ABulan lepas
I would say, to this good question we all feel at some point: Learn as much as you can, then jump in ”with both feet into the water” a) grow a thick skin (there are plenty of languages any non-constructive critic does not master); and b) thank them sincerely when they correct you (whether they correct you cordially or not)...Cheers,
victor_onl profile picture victor_onlBulan lepas
Just speak it with foreign friends
Auzzie_maze profile picture Auzzie_mazeBulan lepas
There’s an ultimate offer to the best-ever solution for your request!
Just talk^)
Rattanaporn profile picture RattanapornBulan lepas
Tell me