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Do we say: ”list of questions” or ”questions list”?
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I have English as a second language, so I would say ”list of questions”, so use of Genitiv with ”of”, because it is about things (not persons). An exampel concerning Gentiv with persons and ”’’s” would be Anna’s list of questions...hope this helps
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    There seems to be something of a trend in English to replace many genitive forms in English with locative ones.

    ”list with questions” also occasionally gets used nowadays.
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”list of questions” would be by far more common among native speakers for a list containing questions.

As a descriptor of the type of list, we would usually use the singular form ”question” as the adjective. So, it would be ”question list”.

I’ve seen ”questions list” used, correctly, several times in my life to describe blocks of questions presented as a list. This is using the plural form of a noun as an adjective. As a general rule, don’t use plural nouns as adjectives unless you really know what you are doing
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List of questions is the correct usage.
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”list of questions”