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I went to Italy or I was in Italy?

Suppose I have been in Italy for a summerbreak and now writing about my travel in past tense

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Ribamarrs1950 profile picture Ribamarrs19506 days ago
I went to Italy to visit my friend, right after finishing my university studies. (Here the important is the time when)
I was in Italy when they called me to inform me about the prize I’d won. (Here the importance is the place where I was)
I’ve been to Italy twice. (This past action is still true at the time you are speaking)
I hope it will be clear for you. Best regards.
AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBg6 days ago
”I went to Italy.” - the action of travel to Italy is more important for your description.

”I was in Italy.” - Your position / place (Italy) is more important for what you are describing.

cothurnatus profile picture cothurnatus3 days ago
I went to Italy = I rode to Italy.
I was in Italy = I visited Italy.
debbie_goo profile picture debbie_goo4 days ago
The past tense, you need the definite article the.
  • Ribamarrs1950 profile picture Ribamarrs19503 days ago
    I really do not understand your question. What does the article has to do with the tense of the verb?