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Which word do you find most difficult to pronounce in English?

I, who am Brazilian, have difficulty pronouncing words like the world, real, and words.


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vincent profile picture vincent6 days ago

Very interesting questionwink.

Actually I think it all depends on your native language.

Here are Some of My hardest words (I’m french) :




thrive (...)

It always involves the TH sound.

exRanger profile picture exRanger2 weeks ago
You likely have difficulty with words that include the letter ”r” because in your native language (assuming Portuguese), you roll or ”l” your letter ”r”; English does not (exception: Certain high-minded ”British” speakers who wish to affect a certain ”high class” status, e.g., the UK’s (so-called) royal family members. It’s bullshit.
  • VeniVidiVici2 profile picture VeniVidiVici21 weeks ago
    As an English native, i have to say i have never once heard an Englishman roll the letter ”r”. The Royal family do not roll their R’s at all, however they do speak ”proper english” ; which basically means no slang words!
nmesomtoChukwu profile picture nmesomtoChukwu4 days ago

Amusing question. 😂 Everyone, even native speakers have such words. 


I personally find exceedingly long words difficult (well, more like tongue twisters). For example: "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis." I'm not going to try to pronounce that! 😁 Nonetheless, it's amusing to try pronouncing tough words... 


Ps: You could use it as a party game. 😉