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hello everyone.could you tell me please , what is difference between temperature and fever? when I should say:”I have a fever”and when”I have a temperature”?
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Kassy1023 profile picture Kassy10233 weeks ago

Temperature is just the number that appears when being checked. You can have a temperature of 96.1 F, 99 F, 104 F and so forth. A fever means that your temperature is higher than normal (~98 F).


Ex: My temperature is 98.3 so I do not have a fever.

Ex: The nurse took my temperature and said I have a fever of 103.7.

Sykdott profile picture Sykdott2 weeks ago

In Celsius you’d have a fever above 38,5 degrees. The medical term for fever is phyrexia, which is a condition you either have or don’t have.

AlexandraK89 profile picture AlexandraK892 weeks ago
Temperature is more for climate type-or for example,today the temperature in my area is up to 20c.
Fever is exclusively for the body- today i have the x fever.
Mona00Mostafa profile picture Mona00Mostafa3 weeks ago
I think that temperature means normal body temperature.
Fever is basically defined as having a body temperature above the normal range.