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How learn new English words. Please give me advice
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Bluebird0 profile picture Bluebird0Mês passado
READING. Read books, newspapers, blogs, etc. Along with this you can watch movies and shows. I had improved my vocab my listening to English songs a lot and then by reading books. You could try that too.
  • TiagoSPG profile picture TiagoSPGMês passado
    ”How to learn ” well..just go watch Friends or Modern family on netflix because , people tend to use a lot of phrases , you can read a book as well but..it is just vocabulary and not phrases . My advice is as simple as watch one of those series and once you ok with ” The basics ” then go for vocabulary
Juan_Sahidt profile picture Juan_SahidtMês passado
Listening and reading have helped me a lot. I would advice not to focus on vocabulary, just enjoy the learning process watching and reading things that you like in your target language.
Yasmeen1210 profile picture Yasmeen1210Mês passado
Watch shows in English and go on Youtube and watch things in English too. Download on your phone some English learning apps. You can do it!!!