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How learn new English words. Please give me advice
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Bluebird0 profile picture Bluebird04 주 전
READING. Read books, newspapers, blogs, etc. Along with this you can watch movies and shows. I had improved my vocab my listening to English songs a lot and then by reading books. You could try that too.
  • TiagoSPG profile picture TiagoSPG4 주 전
    ”How to learn ” well..just go watch Friends or Modern family on netflix because , people tend to use a lot of phrases , you can read a book as well is just vocabulary and not phrases . My advice is as simple as watch one of those series and once you ok with ” The basics ” then go for vocabulary
Juan_Sahidt profile picture Juan_Sahidt4 주 전
Listening and reading have helped me a lot. I would advice not to focus on vocabulary, just enjoy the learning process watching and reading things that you like in your target language.
Yasmeen1210 profile picture Yasmeen12104 주 전
Watch shows in English and go on Youtube and watch things in English too. Download on your phone some English learning apps. You can do it!!!