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For people who want to learn Russian


My name is Alie and I from Russia!

I would like to find some people to organize a group for learning Russian in Zoom. 

It is for free!


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exRanger profile picture exRangerMay 2020
Hi Alie.

As an American who has been using Russian, professionally and socially, including TEACHING the language, for approximately 42 years, I am curious as to how you are going to organize your online (via Zoom sessions) course(s). Persons interested in learning Russian might represent a variety of "levels" of ability/experience, from "Knowing Nothing" to "Mid-level Fluency" -- and everything in between. Do you plan to (1) test applicants in advance in order to establish their respective levels and (2) organize the courses by tiers and levels within tiers, e.g.:

Tier I
- Beginner (Basic)
- Medium Beginner (Basic)
- High Beginner (Basic)

Tier II
- Intermediate
- Medium Intermediate
- High Intermediate

Tier III
- Advanced
- Medium Advanced
- High Advanced

Something along those ^^^ lines of "skillset" (i.e., "ability") demarcation? Just curious how one might go about designing and implementing such a course which, in my opinion, is a very ambitious project in a community such as PolyGlot Club. Ambitious but also HIGHLY COMMENDABLE! IF you can manage to pull off this ambitious project, показываете себя как новатор исключительного мастерства!

- exRanger
  • alie_ablae profile picture alie_ablaeMay 2020
    You have raised some very important issues!
    Of course, I would like to test the participants first!
    The meetings I am going to organize are aimed to give each participant something new! Yet, it is not a course, more like a club really. It is for free, I want people to become interested in Russian language first of all. Even if the participants have different levels, there are still many things we can do together. It can be as additional help to people who have already started learning Russian, but need more practise. As a native speaker of this language I can adopt one lesson for different levels.
    My bad, I haven't explained what to expect from the lesson. First of all, I wanted to see if there are any people who are interested.

    Best regards!
itobi86 profile picture itobi86May 2020
I am in! Great idea
Polyglot411 profile picture Polyglot411May 2020
sounds good, I would like to join