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If I went to Koreatown to go grocery store and I wanted to get my nails done all of sudden. Then I can say “Im currently on my way to search for a nail salon”instead “Im walking to find a nail salon”?
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gogomfcker profile picture gogomfckerMay 2020
you can just say "I'm looking for a nail salon"
  • exRanger profile picture exRangerMay 2020
    Yeah, just ask where you can find a nail salon. You could ask where to find a manicurist, but depending on where you travelling, even in America, lots of folks will not know exactly what you mean because the word "manicurist" is not commonly used. It SHOULD be commonly used, but such is the state of general knowledge of English, even in America, among the average citizens. I'm talking LOW LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE on average, yo.
gogomfcker profile picture gogomfckerMay 2020
the most common term in my part of the united states for a manicurist is "nail tech"