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How can I ”Learn to learn”? :)

Hi Polyglots!

Could you suggest us some mental tools that will help us to learn any language? laugh

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First, tools for learning "ANY" language vary, sometimes considerably, with the target(ed) language, e.g., learning (1) English versus (2) Chinese.... and these are just to name two languages with utterly different grammatical, phonemic, and even word construction schemes.

You best bet is to target a particular (foreign) language, explore the tools and tricks pertaining to that specific language, contact people who frequent this and similar "language exchange" boards on the web and ASK FOR HELP by submitting written (brief) essays (ie, written work) for review/critical feedback and contacting NATIVE (NEVER or as few as possible NON-NATIVE) speakers of the target language for assistance and/or support with "real-time" communications, perhaps starting with "texting" and eventually extending to voice-only and/or video calls.

There are other activities one can incorporate into the process to enhance the experience, but these are the basics.