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help me please, I must translate the following sentence to turkish? What is meaning ”Holds a ’time out’ ”  ?

A nurse holds a “time out” before the doctor begins a procedure.

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SufiOzil profile picture SufiOzil3 weeks ago
It simply means that, the nurse decided to stop for a time before the procedure, or you can say she takes a "break"
  • Layezall1 profile picture Layezall13 weeks ago
    Alright, which meaning is more correct in this sentence, "break" or "save exit/departure time" ?
  • exRanger profile picture exRanger3 weeks ago
    Yep, this ^^ is about as close to the meaning as you'll get. Saying/writing it in a Turkic language might be a bit of a challenge; I know Uzbek pretty well and nothing is springing to mind...

  • Layezall1 profile picture Layezall13 weeks ago
    I got it, thanks for your answer. Alright, do this phrase have the meaning for " save exit/departure / departure time" in this sentences.