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Difference between "to check" and "to check out"?
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rickycom profile picture rickycomJanuary 2020

"Check out" is one of the many phrasal verbs derived from check. It can mean:

1-To leave, especially a building: We shall check out the B&B at 10.20 A.AM in order to be at home in time./He checked out very fast.

2-To be right: This story checks out because other people confirm what he's saying

3-To find out if a story or information is true: Check out his version of the facts by talking with other people

4-To work: The engine checks out, so the problem must be somewhere else.

5-Lend/borrow an item: Checking out books from a library

6-To examine, to look at:

Check out the new offers!.

That girl at the club was checking you out.


To see all the meanings of check, check out this page:


  • vincent profile picture vincentJanuary 2020
    Oh, a lot of meanings ! can you use "to check" alone, not as a phrasial verb?