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Why do you want to learn other language?
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YoBlackBlack profile picture YoBlackBlackJanuary 2020

Why do you need and want to study and learn a foreign acquisition language skills exchange with listening and reading and speaking and typing, and writing?.

exRanger profile picture exRangerJanuary 2020
PS: The question asked by YesiMasha should be written as:

"Why do you want to learn another language?" (ie, not "other")
exRanger profile picture exRangerJanuary 2020
Speaking only on my own behalf, I am here not to learn another language.

While there are MANY persons in France who implore that I work harder to improve my French, it's not a priority as my jobs (universities in America and Luxembourg) require all work, including classroom lectures and assignments, to be conducted and completed in English. On such occasions when French is required, e.g., visits to the Sous Prefecture, an automotive garage (and/or Control technique), service requests w/ Orange, etc., I bring along my phone and Google Translate (or, lately, DeepL) to negotiate "the interactions". Thus far -- five years in May -- it's worked perfectly.

My presence @ PGC is to assist others, most often Russian, Ukrainian, and French native speakers to improve their English-language skills. My focus on Russian & Ukrainian speakers stems from my experience as a Russian, and to lesser extent Ukrainian, speaker: I lived and worked in the USSR for eight years. My focus on French speakers is twofold: (1) I live in their fine country and wish to give something back to this fine state and (2) I'm in the same timezone and thus it is very convenient to schedule times for language exchange activities.

To summarize, while I am not @ this site to "learn" a new language, it is nice to use, now & then, Russian and/or Ukrainian and to pick up "tips" on French which I can use in my daily life in France.

Now, if YesiMasha's question were to be transformed to the "past tense", i.e., "Why did I want to learn another language?", my response would be very different, and more complicated, so let's not "go there", right?