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What do you think about having foriegn boyfriend or girlfriend helps to improve language?
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Romaint profile picture RomaintJanuary 2020
Boyfriend or even friend is really good to learn a new language. And if it is the case, you could learn better about culture, habits or Many things from the country of your boyfriend/girlfriend. So enriching!
vincent profile picture vincentJanuary 2020
I think it's the best because you will be very motivated to know well the language so as to be able to express your feelings,
Mrs14-_44 profile picture Mrs14-_44January 2020
I've failed about it but it's worth trying
YesiMasha profile picture YesiMashaJanuary 2020
That It would be very interesting because they could receive feedback
exRanger profile picture exRangerJanuary 2020
Sometimes it works out well, sometimes not. Worked out well for me, years n years ago, in USSR. Over eight years there were, um, several girls, but the end result was positive across the board. -exRanger
yasmineh2005 profile picture yasmineh2005January 2020
It is so useful to learn new langueges.studying languege lessons is not enough and we need to speak with natives to know new things in their languege that we don't know
exRanger profile picture exRangerJanuary 2020
Or, as we (they - I now live in France) say in America, "Results may vary",
david_flem profile picture david_flemFebruary 2020
Also, going to Pompei was interesting because we had a personal guide rather than one just there for tourists.