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What is different between girl and daughter?
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sonnent profile picture sonnentDecember 2019

Girl is the general term of a feminine child or young person. The maskulin equivalent is boy.

A feminine person in relation to her parents is a daughter. The maskulin equivalent is son.

evespring profile picture evespringNovember 2019
A girl is a yong woman. A dauter is a girl for her parents. For example:
"That girl attends biology classes with my daughter".
Kaelyn2005 profile picture Kaelyn2005December 2019
A girl can be anyone female under the age of 18 that you know. Your daughter is the one girl that belongs to you, get all your love.
L-hllweck profile picture L-hllweckNovember 2019
The same difference as between Moon and Sun or North and South. They're entirely different notions.