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What is the methods that you use to learn languages ?
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  • exRanger profile picture exRangerNovember 2019
    Excellent answer Ms Kangaroo.

    I'll add one more element: I listen to songs with thoughtfully-prepared lyrics. For example, when I was "coming up" in the world of Russian acquisition, I listened to A LOT of the so-called Russian Bards, e.g. Vysotskiy, Rozenbaum, Galich, The Nikitins, Okudzhava, Щеглов, etc. Their words, even in verse form, powerfully enriched my Russian vocabulary.

    Ditto reading Russian poetry, especially the "classics", but also early Soviet-era poets like Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Gippius, Blok, Mayakovskiy, and -- especially -- Osip Mandelshtam.
Berlusconi profile picture BerlusconiNovember 2019
To understand a foreign language fast, I study things that I already know in that new language. I listen to the audio recording of the material if available, I watch videos about it and practice reading after the speaker by slowing down the recording for a good enunciation and I endeavor to pronounce exactly what the speaker says. I study the same material for a week and repeat the same reading 10 times. Believe me, it works!
Tinaemma700 profile picture Tinaemma700November 2019
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Tinaemma700 profile picture Tinaemma700November 2019
I write and read. First I develop a vocabulary and once I have memorized a good number of words, I begin studying the grammar. Reading and writing works well with me. I don't worry about speaking the language until I have developed a good ability to write and read. After that, speaking is easy, but if I do want to speak, I use tapes and videos in the language. If you don't have the knowledge to know what to say, you will just be hesitating and trying to think and tripping over your words! Among the easiest aids to obtain are language apps and help you speak the language correctly. Some people are better at some things than others. I think just doing what seems to work best for you is the answer. I've known people who can hear something once and never forget it.