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I want to find new friends frome another countries and i want to learn English! Help me with it!!!
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Piper-Annie profile picture Piper-AnnieNovember 2012
Hello, I am from the U.S. and am able to help you with your English. I am also looking to find new friends from other countries.
  • 30Tricks profile picture 30TricksJuly 2019
    Really? Me too! I'm so happy to finally find another! We should strike up a chat, Piper-Annie. Would love to hear some stories from you.
  • Redarefaat profile picture RedarefaatAugust 2018
    Hi piper. Would you mind if i get connection with you to help me for learing english ?just chat
  • slavski profile picture slavskiAugust 2017
    i also want to meet friends from the others countries .
    i from Poland and happily introduce someone to my culture