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"Type your name" OR "Enter your name" ?

How do you say : "veuillez saisir votre nom" in English

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exRanger profile picture exRangerOctober 2019
Either is ok, but more appropriate to most situations @ which such an action will be requested, "enter..." is the better choice..
HyaSky profile picture HyaSkyOctober 2019
I think "Enter your name" is fine. You can hear both, but on computers I almost always see "Enter your name," "Enter your password," "Enter the last four digits of your Credit Card/Social Security/Bank Account," etc.
AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgAugust 2021
”Enter your name” is the correct term in the context of forms to be filled in (or filled out for the American variant

”type your name” is almost always redundant - for a computer data form, the information is usually going to be entered by typing! It is also much less accurate and specific than ”enter your name”.

Additionally, the verb ”enter” is the natural one to use, given that such forms are referred to as ”data entry forms”.

You would use ”type your name” only in the case where there was not a data entry form - such as an internet acquaintance asking you to write your name using a keyboard.