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"Type your name" OR "Enter your name" ?

How do you say : "veuillez saisir votre nom" in English

thanks laugh

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exRanger profile picture exRangerOctober 2019
Either is ok, but more appropriate to most situations @ which such an action will be requested, "enter..." is the better choice..
HyaSky profile picture HyaSkyOctober 2019
I think "Enter your name" is fine. You can hear both, but on computers I almost always see "Enter your name," "Enter your password," "Enter the last four digits of your Credit Card/Social Security/Bank Account," etc.
survivewildcat profile picture survivewildcatApril 2023

@phrazleIn addition, as these forms are often referred to as "data input forms," the word "enter" seems most appropriate. The phrase "type your name" would only be used in the absence of a data input form, such as when a new friend on the internet asks you to send your name through the keyboard.

joefrazier918 profile picture joefrazier9182 weeks ago
I believe ”Enter your name” is appropriate. While both phrases are commonly used, ”Enter your name” is more frequently seen on computers, especially in contexts such as ”Enter your password,” ”Enter the last four digits of your Credit Card/Social Security/Bank Account,” and similar prompts
basabe7499 profile picture basabe7499Last month

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