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What's the meaning of "pleaded" in this sentence?

What's the meaning of pleaded here?

Stuart Howatson, 31, of Millside Court, Bewdley, Worcestershire, had pleaded guilty to possessing an offensive weapon and to false accounting.


And plus a question here. What's the difference between glimmer and grasp?

What about these sentences?

"You don't have the grasp of what I'm talking about, because it's inscrutable."

"You don't have the slightest glimmer of what I'm talking about."

Do these sentences make sence? Do they sound natural?


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jameslafferty profile picture jameslaffertyHace 4 semanas
Two reasons: the moral reason of taking responsibility for one's own wrongdoing and the self-interested reason of receiving a lighter sentence.
jameslafferty profile picture jameslaffertyHace 4 semanas
Pleading guilty means formally admitting guilt in a court of law. To plead means to beg (often with a tone of desperation). Here, it's a formal legal usage, but there's the connotation that by admitting guilt, you are then free to beg the court to be merciful in assigning punishment. Pleading guilty also opens you up to civil liability, which is why in some judicial systems (the US, for instance), one can plead nolo contendere, and accept punishment with less admission of potential civil liability.
  • amirbahrami profile picture amirbahramiHace 4 semanas
    Thanks, that was informative, I got it. But there is a question related to this and I couldn't get the grasp of if. Why would a person do so?