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Is the phrase ”an unconscious mastery” correct?


Emagine; somebody knows how to do something, but he is not fully (or at all) aware of the procedures that he use in his brain for doing it. My question is: can I say "an unconscious mastery or skill" or another adjective should be used for here?


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jameslafferty profile picture jameslaffertySeptember 2019
It's not terrible, and given the right context might be delightful. I'd need to see more to be able to give my definitive native speaker opinion. I will note that I absolutely _love_ the (typo?) at the beginning of your question. "Emagine" absolutely should be a word. Something to describe imagining with the aid of the internet, or while surfing the web.
  • exRanger profile picture exRangerSeptember 2019
    Agreed: "Emagine" as typos go is a happy accident and a great example of we say "there oughtta be a word for it"...