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What is your opinion about Google Grammarly? Is it useful for improving English?
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skyavvia13 profile picture skyavvia13January 2020
it's good for capitalization and other flubs you have while writitng.
[it wouldve corrected me on writing with a red underline.] but it's not for all types of writing. great for proofing, though.
bensonalan1957 profile picture bensonalan1957January 2020
It helps me a lot, to get gist of what’s going on. I would not use it for formal writing
exRanger profile picture exRangerSeptember 2019
Personally, it is my opinion that Google "sucks" in usage for (1) Russian English; (2) Ukrainian English; and Magyar (Hungarian) English. How well The Big "G" handles other languages, heaven only knows. I could check G's ability to handle English French ...