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i`m here to learn english laaanguage bt noboady could help me very well because all are busy and indifferent here
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vincent profile picture vincent5 minggu lalu

Hi, It's not always easy to get help right away from others (it's a little bit like in real life), especially if you do not find an exact match (members teaching English AND learning your native language)... but here are some tips....try to help others first, contribute to the website and it will be easier to get help from others. Get other members to know you...  wink.gif build your trust level here: best regards,

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    myself, I do not have time for a language exchange as I am developing this website
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    Yes, it's because maybe not many members here want to learn Persian. have you tried the FIND FRIEND page (top menu) ?
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It's probably because you wanna learn with a native English speaker. There's not too many of them here!