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Please help me to be confident speak english, how can i do
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JoseBravo profile picture JoseBravoAugust 2019
Hamida, the best thing you can do is read in english and listen in english. Your favorite TV show, movie, book and even news articles. Anything that can expand your understanding of the language. I don't recommend songs, because artists tend to change the language to make the lyrics fit the rhythm. Duolingo is a good idea, if for no other reason that it will help you expand your vocabulary.
And the biggest advice of all, breathe. don't be nervous. if you make mistakes, you know how NOT to say something. that's improvement.
nesrine_me profile picture nesrine_meAugust 2019
As a teacher my advice is " Just dare speaking" don't be afraid or ashamed, just talk
Terryakt profile picture TerryaktAugust 2019
  1. Get Duolingo App on your mobile and practice, practice, practice.

  2. Connect with an English speaking friend on and have normal daily conversations.

  3. Get and watch an English movie

  4. Connect with more friends

  5. Attend English events

  6. Read an English book