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Meaning of "to be cocky"?
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-I wished to see you again!
-I know!
-cocky much?
-yea...a lot!
here means a person who has a kind of complacency feeling about her/his own.
of course, a native person comments could be more helpful.
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  • Hasan-M profile picture Hasan-M   
    a feeling of satisfaction with a situation or with what you have achieved, so that you stop trying to improve or change things-used to show disapproval.
    -despite yesterday's win, there is clearly no room for complacency if the team want yo stay top of the league.
    Longman Dictionary.
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    Thanks : what does complacency mean ?
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On "cockiness":

In a phrase: the expression(s) of arrogance.
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    Thanks !
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    On "Complacency":

    Resignation to a given situation, whether it be satisfactory or otherwise. Often (among English speakers) mistakenly used to mean "laziness", but that's an inaccuracy. "Contentment" is another oft-cited synonym, and in fact gets closer to the essential Idea of "complacency", but nonetheless falls short -- but just short -- of the mark.
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