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Hello! I recently recorded a short audio here. I would like to hear your opinions and comments. thanks in advance )


Microscopic DNA walkers have been developed in the past, but they have
never managed more than three steps. These ones can manage as many as 50 steps, which means a possible walking distance of around 100 nanometres. Taking up to one hour to complete, this is more like a marathon for the nano-spider. However, researchers hope to be able to make the spiders walk faster and further in the future. Furthermore, present research is focusing on making the nano-spiders able to follow more commands and to make more decisions.



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Your pronunciation is very good, excellent even. I can hear your accent but it is not pronounced (meaning strong).
It is strongest on "these", "this"
Here is a pronunciation site for you. I like to recommend it because it pronounces more variations than other sites (conjugated forms, etc)
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