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What is the difference between 'finally' and 'eventually'?
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Tace profile picture TaceJune 2019
"Finally" refers to the final event in a series of events, or the final item on ones itinerary. One might have more of something on a list to cover, but with an anticipated intermediate step that you "finally" come to.

So you might say, "I went to six places all over town, and I finally got back home at midnight."

"Eventually" say that something will come to pass, but it hasn't yet.

"Finally can also refer to something that hasn't happened yet, but in the context of discussing a series of events that will come to pass, and the last item is the one that you finally get to, or finally complete.

"Finally" referst to the last of something.
"Eventually" refers to an event... that something will happen after some time... something anticipated, but not necessarily the last in a series.
exRanger profile picture exRangerJune 2019
"Finally" -- point of termination
"Eventually" - a state of motion, action, other activity still in progress.

Yes, the distinction is that simple.
mertdede profile picture mertdedeJune 2019
Eventually said before the event happens and finally is when the thing is happening or happened in near present.