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What's the difference between "problem", "trouble", and "issue"?

I would like to learn when is necessary use "problem", "trouble" and "issue".

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veitikke profile picture veitikkeMay 2019
Problem = very general: a complication, unpleasant situation
Trouble = a whole situation with hardship, problems
Issue = can be used as ''parental issue'', light problem, ''that's not an issue''
  • jaafar121 profile picture jaafar121June 2019
    @veitikke , Problem is correct and so is trouble.

    The difference is when problems hardships are ongoing and continuous that is an issue
Kangaroo70 profile picture Kangaroo701 שבועות

“Issue” means disagreement, complaint or conflict. Example: I have an issue with the new teacher. I do not like the way she speaks to people.