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How to learn the English grammar? Should I finish a grammar book?
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Adreza profile picture AdrezaMay 2019
Personally, in my opinion, focusing on grammar is a mistake and will not help you. You just make it harder to learn for yourself. Instead of reading big grammar books, it's better to work on phrases and sentences. Exposure, can make learning incredibly more useful and comfortable. Although it needs more time,but it seems to me the best way. You can analyze the films you watch and write all those phrases or even words you don't know, or even use a story book instead of movie . then after a while you'll see that in addition to grammar, your vocabulary and listening and speaking skills have also progressed :-)
IdeeArtiste95 profile picture IdeeArtiste95May 2019
For me, learning grammar is important, only one book to use "Essential Grammar in use" by Raymond Murphy (it is useful for grammar and practice). Then you can talk, write, whaever ...
mohamed247 profile picture mohamed247May 2019
hello iwant help for lean english