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How to practice intonations (high/low pitch in the same sentense) ?

French language almost do not have intonations. it's kind of a "flat pitch", whereas English has a lot of intonation (high and low pitch). Do you have suggestions on how we can improve our pronounciation and imitate native speakers when they speak? it's not the pronunciation of words but the "music of the sentense".

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outdoors profile picture outdoorsMay 2019
that depends on which english one speaks. Danes often sound like they learned english from americans because they do not have many intonations. Swedish people sound like they learned english from the British as they have more intonations. Pick an accent you want to learn and then study it
  • vincent profile picture vincentMay 2019
    You think americans have no intonations ? I think they have much more than French
Inggitdwianggraini profile picture InggitdwianggrainiMay 2019
The most important intonation in English is when you do "Asking", "Statement", "warning/imperative"
1. Asking : Do you have any extra pens? (On the last word, you take higher note and a bit wavy as a sign of question)
2. Statement : this is my only pen. (Mostly the note of last word is lower in statement)
3. Warning/imperative : Don't come late! Lock the door! (The last word has a high note (pitch) and pull stop at the same time.
You can practice by listening to a conversation of native. It will help.