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in justin's song he said:ma mama don't like you ... the question is why did he use don't instead of doesn't ??? many thanks ❤❤
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karovaici profile picture karovaiciApril 2019
You are correct, "doesnt" is the grammatically correct way of writing what he meant, but in slang and in song lyrics, sometimes you hear "don't."
alecoiba profile picture alecoibaApril 2019
I teach english and spanish and I always encourage my students to use songs as a tool to learn english. It´s an excellent way to improve listening and pronunciation as well as reading (lyrics).
However, I tell them to carefully choose the songs because many songs have slang on it (wanna, gotta, dunno, yeah, etcetera.).
I always recommend to start with slow songs (love songs/ballads).
When they are beginners, I tell them to avoid Rap/Hip-Hop because those songs are usually the ones who have more slang on it.
reyhanehr88 profile picture reyhanehr88April 2019
u know in the songs the grammer may chnge sometime for making the music better u kniw ?