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How can I use the verb "TO SET" ?

set, set up etc... thanks smiley

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Effemie profile picture EffemieApril 2019
The meaning of the verb varies a lot:

Position (place, time, price, mode):
I set the books on the shelf.
Our house is set on top of the hill.
The story is set in the early 1960s in Berlin.
He set the price of the picture at 500 €.
The time for closing shop has been set at 9 pm.
The necklace was set with diamonds.
At the hospital his broken arm was set.
She got her hair set by a stylist.
He set his jaw firmly.
The Resin has to set for 24 hours before its firm enough to be taken out of the mold.
The sun sets in the west.

He set fire to the house.
His mother’s weakness set him thinking about her state of health.
The animals were set free, eventually.

Give work:
She set him to work cleaning the floor.
What homework has been set for today?

Establish sth:
He set a limit to his credit card.
She wanted to set a good example for her children so she stopped smoking.

Make sth ready for usage or to operate:
The alarm was set for 5 am.
Dinner is ready, I also set the table.
alecoiba profile picture alecoibaApril 2019
"Set" is one of those verbs that has a wide variety of uses:
I can give you some examples I can think of now:

"Someone set that house on fire. Fortunately, the firemen came fast enough and saved the house from burning down to the ground".(set on fire=to burn something)
"Please, set the table. We will have dinner in 15 minutes".(set=get it ready)
"I went to Hollywood last year and visited a movie set". (set=location)
"You set me up" (set up=a trap)