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What do you think is the easiest language?
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kevlevrone profile picture kevlevrone   

It is 100% true that you need to talk to someone. It is hard to learn a language just memorized some words and rules. You have to speak at least so you can use everything you have learned before.

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Hi there. I am new here. I think it is true that there is no easiest language. It is only up to you. For someone one language can be easier but for another one it is not.
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  • reyhanehr88 profile picture reyhanehr88   
    u know there is no easy or very hard language learning for the students or anyone . it only depends on the person . how they fight with the problems in the way to learn it . if u try a lot and more important than anything is : loving the work u are doing , enjoying and having fun . just love the work that u are doing bro !!
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nmesomtoChukwu profile picture nmesomtoChukwu   
In my opinion, most people consider their native languages easiest to learn and languages that differ a lot from their native languages hardest.

For example, those whose native languages employ Latin or Roman script (like English) consider languages that use Hankil (Korean) or Kanji characters (Chinese) difficult. Enormous differences in literary syntax or sentence structure also qualifies languages to be considered harder than others.

Therefore, lots of people consider languages that are very similar to their native languages easiest to learn.
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alecoiba profile picture alecoiba   

My personal opinion is that, there is no easiest or hardest language. I believe it has to do with whether you like it or not. If you like it it will come easy to you, if you don´t like it, it will be hard to learn for you because you are thinking you don´t like it. It´s the same as a job. The jobs we enjoy doing seem to be easier.

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anton_maximov profile picture anton_maximov   
There are no easy languages to learn, buddy. It all depends on how deep you want to dive in, what your native language is, how much the logics of your native language differs from your learning language and your possibility of practice.
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JUST-TRY profile picture JUST-TRY   
I thing this language need to practice and someone to talk to you, but it's not that difficult!
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