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Let’s have a talk about taps? A plumber is needed!

What is the difference between faucets, taps, spigots and mixers? Then let's add shower heads, spouts cup ends and gaskets. In this margin I will write a  text and someone  can check whether all the terms are used correct or not.

John turned on the hot and cold water taps. The water came out of the spout. He grabbed the bar of soap and started scrubbing his face. Suddenely, the water sprinkled all over the bathroom. John ran to the spigots and turned them off. He called up a plumber, who came after a few hours. The plumber told to John that he had to change the water mixer because the thread  of  the old one got rusty and rotted. However, John didn't have enough money right away. So the plumber set up the cup ends to let the water flow through  the pipes and left. On the next week John bought a new water mixer and set it up himself. Unforunately, the kitchen tap dripped too. John went to the  sanitary store and bought a gasket.Now his taps are fine. :D Ehm... Where should I put faucets?


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AHMED223 profile picture AHMED223April 2019
Im ahmed hapep from egypt canwe speake to us