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He is being foolish. Vs He is foolish.

Are these two sentences, He is being foolish and He is foolish the same?

Thank you.

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Donner des réponses.

anton_maximov profile picture anton_maximovApril 2019
There's a huge difference between them : "He's being foolish means that he is like that right now in a particular situation. To put in a nutshell: his behavior is foolish, while if you call him foolish, you give him a characteristic and it will mean that he's just the way he is.
Eme_Fa profile picture Eme_FaMay 2019
The difference is,
He is being foolish means, at that particular time, he's lacking good sense or judgement and He's foolish means, he lacks good sense or judgement, not at that particular time but as a person.

AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgMay 2021
”He is foolish” - presenting it as a general descriptive fact. ”He” = ”fool”.

”He is being foolish”. Present continuous tense. = ”His behaviour at the present point in time = foolish”.
Gentlelion94 profile picture Gentlelion94April 2019
« He is being foolish » means ATM he is foolish
« He is foolish » is descriptive