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Mirror’s edge

Hi guys.

There is a computer game - "Mirror's Edge". Dear native-speaker, explain please, how do you understand this title. 

From my point of view, "mirror" here means the glass-like thing that MIRRORS (active action), and "edge" - the border of this thing, where it ends. (Of course, it does, it ends.)
But the official Russian localization translates the title in another way. "Mirror" here is a reflection - the thing that IS MIRRORED (passive). And the "edge" means the edge of this reflected object. But, in a common way, the object doesn't have an edge! Not every thing has edges, doesn't it?

Please help!


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Pajal7 profile picture Pajal7February 2019
As I understand it, this is an intentionally ambiguous title.

Literally, and in most contexts, the way you have understood it initially is correct.

However, as it is my understanding, this game is trying to invoke a feeling of altered reality, and force us to question our own perceptions and perspectives. In this context, mirror's edge refers to the DEPTH of the mirror.

We can only see beyond the edge of the mirror, but never reach through it.

I would say that this is an artistic usage of these terms, which is why it is harder for you to understand, but it also allows the title to convey a deeper meaning than if it had a more literal title.
  • dondublon profile picture dondublonFebruary 2019
    That's an interesting explanation, thank you. I have to think about it a bit more.
  • Pajal7 profile picture Pajal7February 2019
    I should also clarify that I have not played this game, so perhaps someone who has can respond with further detail.

    However, I have read about it and was mildly interested in the concept when I first heard about it.
Nani2019 profile picture Nani2019February 2019
You need watch it first then you will understand