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What is paragraph structure in writing ..Please give an example
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herschel_b profile picture herschel_bNovember 2017

The basic paragraph style consist of at least five sentences: A topic sentence, at least three supporting sentences, followed by the conclusion. The topic sentence says what the paragraph is all about, such as a paragraph about basic paragraph structure. The supporting sentences discusses the topic in greater detail. The conclusion brings everything together. Larger composites, such as an essay, letter, story, whatever, is composed of a number of paragraphs. A beginning English learner would do well to master the basic paragraph structure.

The above is an example of a basic paragraph. Almost everything, with the notable exception of poetry, is written using paragraphs, but not all use the basic paragraph. Listing the number exceptions would be laborious. For example, when writing dialogue, whenever different person is speaking, one must start a new paragraph.

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