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bitch better have my money// what is this mean in english please
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bsalmons profile picture bsalmonsJuly 2015
Wow. Well first, the word "bitch" in this context is derogatory (a curse, or a swearword). Literally, a "bitch" is a female dog, so when someone calls another person that they are insulting that person. "better have my money" just means that the speaker expects the "bitch" to have the money that is owed to the speaker. So the whole sentence together is a threatening statement. Does this help?
  • senakti profile picture senaktiJuly 2015
    yes thank you. i have read somewhere in english/turkish translation, they have translated word to word and i havent understood what it is to say, thank you again, its rihanna's song name by the way.
alecoiba profile picture alecoibaFebruary 2019

I encourage my students to practice english pronunciation by singing songs. However, I discourage them to use rap/hip-hop because most (not all) of these songs use slang and/or derogaroty lyrics. It is good to beging learning with slow songs (love songs, ballads) and after a while, try faster songs. One of my favorites is ¨Imagine¨ by John Lennon. Easy to translate, easy to sing and positive lyrics.