Pesan dari summer_2023 - English

    • Brought a new car for my father

    • My father is nearly 60 years old.
    • The older you are, the harder for you to get a driving license.
    • So I encouraged him to apply for it.
    • Born in the 1960s in China, he only finished his primary school education and then went to work.
  • He has already gotten a driving license for tractors.
    • It’s easy for him to drive on the road, even some narrow or bad situation road.
    • But the theory test on the computer is extremely difficult for him.
    • He bought some books to read and took video classes on Tictok.
  • He even got out of bed at 5:00 a.m. to practice more.
    • He passed the exam in the morning, good for him, we brought him a new car in the afternoon.
  • He was so happy, My whole family felt happy for him, too.
  • He deserved it.