Text from Giuliano81 - English

  • Summary of my day

    • This morning I get up at 5:30 am and went into the kitchen to prepare my breakfast.
    • I decided to cook my porridge and saison it with almonds, nuts, and chocolate.
    • After that, I woke up Roberta and then We have had our lunch.
    • Gaia and Mattia are been woken up at 5.50 and after breakfast they took care of their hygiene before went to school.
    • On the way to school, Gaia threw up on the bus and therefore Mattia accompanied her to the nurse.
    • At mid-morning the nurse called me to tell me about the episode that happened, Gaia was fine now, but she asked for her Daddy.
  • After 30 minutes she returned to class.
  • For the day ahead I had my English lesson with my teacher Stallone and studied by myself but sincerely I was so lazy!!!
    • At 4.50 Roberta came back from work, We spoke about her day at the job but for no more than ten minutes because children were arriving.
  • We had dinner at 7.30 and then every one went to bed.